Datos biográficos de personas emblemáticas del Arte, la Literatura y la Música.

miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2014

PINO DAENI. Biografía.

Pino Daeni. Biografía.

Pino Daeni (1939 – 2010) was an Italian artist known primarily for his Impressionist paintings and book illustrations. Pino artwork captures movements and expressions while embodying a wide range of emotions, from adoration to isolation, leaving viewers breathless. Whether you are in the market for limited edition Pino art prints or original paintings by the artist, you have come to the right place. We offer dealer prices on a wide range of limited edition prints and original artwork from Pino Daeni and other sought-after artists.
Pino’s strengths as an artist may be too many to count, but he is known perhaps most notably for his ability to capture the movements and expressions of his subjects exceptionally. This is just one of the talents that the artist was acclaimed throughout the world for. The late artist’s style is often described as warm and nostalgic, which lent itself to a successful career as a book illustrator where he developed a keen ability to capture romantic and feminine portraits of women with strong representations of men by their side. Pino artwork is often set on the kind of sunny Mediterranean beaches the artist grew up on, or in sensual boudoirs where women wait for their husbands or lovers. Pino art is also known for a recurring character in many of the paintings: a young boy surrounded by beautiful women. Having grown up with many sisters, aunts and cousins in the Italian port city of Bari, it’s easy to see where the artist may have gotten his inspiration.